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 Flipping House is an Investment Business, which means the acquisition of a house in Cash with legal, Finance and Physical troubles with a very good discount, then, make the rehab and clear all Legal and Finance troubles, and then Place it back on the market for Sale or Rent generating great investment opportunities for real estate investors. 


Flipping, The Trending Business, But Be careful, People without experience can make it a nightmare. Flip with The experts... FLIP305, with skills in Acquisitions, Correct Contractors, Efficient Closing Agents, and Outstanding Brokerage Process.

The Keys of the Process ..

Ownership, Transparency, Accuracy, Efficient, and well-Managed Process.

WW Experience

NorthAmerica / SouthAmerica and Europe Flip House Experience


Completed Succesfull Full Managed Process with Blue Numbers


Flip Collaborations and Coaching Process on Flipping House 

+ 20 Years

Related to Real Estate and Investment Business

We Find and acquire for you the right investment property, around the 65% - 70% of the ARV, that starts the Flip Process with the right First Step . Our Acquisition Team will Search for you in all Federal Auction/ County Auction/ Private Auctions/ Banks / Foreclosures / Short sales and Regular Market

Aerial View of a Suburb



Flip305 Will Get for you The Best Property With a Huge Discount

Our Team Of Contractors, Handyman and Decorators , makes the Magic to Build a Dream house ... Profitable and Easy to Sell




To close the cycle, a Great Brokerage, Pricing, Advertise and Closing Process will generate the Best Exit to the Flip Project.




BEFORE                             AFTER

The Perfect Team to make every FLIP ... a Success

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