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Mechanical Engineer , with a Degree in Business Administration, More than 20 Years working with International Companies, and a Flip Self Made Entrepreneur with a lot of Successful Flippings completed around the Globe, Handyman and Tool Collector, and an Outstanding solving Problems capability...

Our Broker ..


Motivated Multidisciplinary team, that specializes in


Legal Procedures

Correct Estimates and Labor

Permits to rehab and repairs

Design and Upgrade of Properties

Brokerage Firm to Efficient sell the Property

Licensed Broker, Licensed Contractors, Design Experts

Materials and the last Technology acquisition managers

Demolish and Bulk Removal Team

Law Firms related to Foreclosure and Real Estate

Closing Agents

How We Manage a Flip ?

Simple, We manage all the flipping process , acquisition , Legal And Physical analysis, Repairs and upgrades, Real Estate Selling Process , Closing,  Final Finance and return of Funds to The Investor.

The Properties Remain Under The Investor Title, That means Ownership and Support for the investment all the time. 

Our team will manage all the Repairs and Upgrade Process, Designing the most amazing changes at the lowest possible cost, using the best and affordable materials, and placing on Each project some special asset, that makes our projects unique and very desirable.

We, as a Brokerage Real Estate Firm, will manage all the promotion, sale and closing of the property, in the fastest time possible, balancing Market Price, Timeframe and Profit, in order to close the cycle in the most profitable way.

Ask us about the details you need, in order to decide to Flip Houses With Us 

The Following Chart will show the way all the funds are distributed between all the expenses involved in the process


The Timelapse its Different if we face a Flip to Sale or a Flip to Rent ... 

The average Process will take 6 months, between acquisition and final sale , that means 2 cycles / year

Tips and Tricks to Success...

  • Buy Under a Company Or Corporation (Liability and Double taxation Purposes)

  • The Key its The Purchase... Be ready to buy with the opportunities

  • Kitchen and Baths are really Important

  • Use your budget to solve First the main issues 

And a lot of more....

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